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Vendetta 01-21-2002 07:54 PM

I need the help of a Backup EXpert !!!
can I propose a backup and recover strategy :-

1) if my whole linux partition is sitting under /dev/hda10

2) I firstly go into run level 1 by "init 1"

3) I run "dd if=/dev/hda10 of=/backup/backup.img"

4) to recover i make sure i am in run level 1 too

5) and i use "dd if=/backup/backup.img of=/dev/hda10"

will this surfice as my backup and recover proposition ?

any problems with it ?

the thing to note here is that I tried it with my linux redhat 7.2 and it seems to work.

I dd the root partition to one of my free partition

I then dd it back and rebooted

everything came up nice and clean

nothing shows up in /var/log/messages

I would like to ask what will happen to the open files ???

secondly I would like to ask one question.

If I am to use dd how would I do the following :

1) I have linux on a 10 gig hard disk

2) I want to migrate the whole linux over to a 20 gig hard disk

3) how would i do that if i have the dd image of the 10 gig hard disk

thirdly I would like to ask

1) if my linux setup is made up of a few partitions say -

/home which is 10 gig
/usr which is 1 gig
/bin which is 1 gig
/etc which is 100 megs

2) I dd all these partition

3) if my hard disk crashed

4) how would i recover my linux box

fourthly I would like to ask

1) if i dd a partition that is exactly 123456789 KB do I have to dd it back to exactly a 123456789 KB partition

2) what if the partition I dd my image file back to is larger then the dd image ?

3) what if the partition is smaller then the dd image ?

fifthly I would like to ask

1) I used the method you described - tar all the partition into a tarball

2) how come it keeps on reporting errors with certain files

3) I dont think tar will be a reliable source for a proper backup

Sixthly I would like to say the following

1) I downloaded and tried to ghost an image of my Linux redhat 7.2 Ext3 partition with Norton Ghost Enterprise 7.5

2) It Works !!!

3) apparently Norton Ghost Enterprise 7.5 supports the Ext3 file sytem

4) isnt that a good way to do backup ?

Seventh I would like to propose a backup recovery strategy -

1) I have a linux box sitting in a 40 gig hard disk

2) I buy another 40 gig hard disk and attached it as a slave disk to the linux disk

3) I install only Windows 95 dos shell onto the second 40 gig hard disk and format it to one whole empty partition

4) I use norton ghost 7.5 to ghost the Linux Disk image (Note that I am not ghosting the partition but the entire disk image) over to the second hard disk

5) I copy the ghost disk image to a backup system

6) If the Linux hard disk fails, I buy another 40 gig hardisk and plug it in as master, I ghost back the image from the second hard disk

7) If the second ghost image disk fails, I simply replace it and copy the ghost image back into it

8) does this sound like a good backup/recovery strategy ?

9) of course you will have to ghost the image say once a month

10) and you would not use this technique for application servers

11) application servers requires an online day to day backup

seventhly I would like to ask

1) If I have a linux application server

2) I would like to device a proper backup/recover strategy

3) How would I do that ?

4) Is tar good enough ?

5) how will the open files be handled ?

6) What if I have a database ?

7) if the whold hard disk crashed how would i recover ?


Thats all I would like to ask for the moment

unSpawn 01-21-2002 08:23 PM

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