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Cap'n Skyler 10-02-2004 04:37 AM

i need minor help with SUSE 9.1
hello all,i want to thank any and all for useful help in advance :)
ok,i am having trouble with updating my suse 9.1--"couldnt cd to i386" is the error
i cant seem to understand how to configure my e mail,in windows i used mozilla/firefox
and cant figure out what e mail program i have,and how to get it configured.i know all my pop3 settings etc,just am lost as to how to get it done.
i need to know how to install Nvidia drivers
i need to learn how to install game patches for unreal tournament 2004.
i have purchased a book to help me learn basic linux things,and i can do all these things in windows xp,i just need some really noob help to get me up and,per my new book,i have a rudimentary knowledge of the shell konsole,and run command.i dont understand x and what to do to be where it is off so i can get my Nvidia drivers.i also have ATI and Intel drivers to install,i assume they might have similar procedures.
also,how do i change from one runlevel to another,and back again?
and,when i get one machine set and working right,can i make a boot cd/back up cd and run it in my other computers and get most if not all the same changes to all in my network?or ,ultimately,would i be better off doing each one at a time?i am noob,i did try to search,and just wasnt sure of what i was looking for.i need basic info,links,FAQ's,and any relavant info,or other sources.i really like SUSE,and i need to get it up and working for my gaming,and forums admin duties before i delete windows xp :)
i am glad to have NO networking issues or any other problems i cant work out.i want to thank everyone for the help for my uber noob goober post!!

apokryphos 10-02-2004 05:14 AM

Re: i need minor help with SUSE 9.1
To answer one of your questions....

Originally posted by Cap'n Skyler
i cant seem to understand how to configure my e mail,in windows i used mozilla/firefox
and cant figure out what e mail program i have
I believe there are several decent programs on Linux for handling emails. The most popular ones being Evolution and Thunderbird -- made by Mozilla. I believe you could do an apt-get install for Evolution and Thunderbird, but there's more chance of you getting the latest version on their respective websites.

chrism01 10-02-2004 07:54 AM

The Mozilla browser includes a mail client (under Tools i think), otherwise, as suggested, use Firefox to browse and Thunderbird for email.

Here's a few links to free docs/HOWTOs:

To change runlevels from the cmd line, use
init num
where num=the number of the runlevel you want. Check SUSE docs for which num is which runlevel.

{O_o} 10-02-2004 11:27 AM

(firstly i've only used 9.0, so 9.1 could be vastly different, though i doubt it is to much)

To install the nvidia drivers i believe you need either kernel source or headers or both installed, though i may be wrong. Start yast and select online update, select manually select patches and search for the fetch nvidia drivers patch, which will fetch the drivers for you, then just follow the instructions. The ATI drivers can be downloaded from, though be sure to read the instructions as in my experiance ati drivers can be a pain.

Email can be configured within yast, after setting up the network (or modem) it will ask you do you want to configure mail now, select yes and follow the prompting. There are a fare few programs to do email etc, depends on what you installed. Start yast install/remove packages and do a search to see what mail progs are installed

For configuring X in suse first get into runlevel 3, you should apparently use the command: telinit instead of init for switching runlevels, not sure why. So:

telinit 3

and it will switch to runlevel 3, then


and sax will help configure x for you. PRolly best to get the graphics drivers installed first, though i installed nvidia patch from within X, after the download the server restarted and i had hardware accel.

Most things in suse can be configured with yast, so if you are unsure look in yast.

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