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unforgivn 08-19-2003 10:16 AM

I need definitive help!!!
Hi ...

I know all these questions have probably been asked to death but here we go again :

atm my pc is running the following win98se , win 2000 server, win XP pro and RH9.0.. I used to ahve 7.2 but lost my installation disks somewhere and with 9 it looks good and all that but I cannot for the life of me get any service other than webmi9n running !!! apache only works on my local ssytem, i can't telnet from other pc's to it, nothing ! I am getting 7.3 in a weeks time or so but I really want to be able to use 9 :/ but anyways...

here are a few questions :

a>I need to get samba working as a PDC or just a normal logon server for windows pc's that wont allow you to logon with wrong passwords

b> has to be a web server (just mnormal HTML for now...)

c> mail server what program should I use EXIM QMAIL sendmail?? and where is a "GOOD" tutorial in PDF for it? with pics cause i feel lost with those whole linux thing I cannot succeed and i am teariong out what is left of my last hairs!!!

d> NFS server tutorial will be nice :P

I have got old old old books about this but nothing new and we don't get new Linux books here in my little town in South Africa so PLZZZZ any1 that can help if you can't here Plz email me at

MasterC 08-19-2003 11:28 AM

Welcome to LQ :)

In the future, please use more appropriate thread titles, you'll likely get a much better response if your thread title explains your questions ;)

C: Postfix or Exim. Postfix comes with EXCELLENT documentation within the tarball, as well as decent info from the FAQ and the little documentation they do have on the site.

D: There's one at the project page.
It's only a year old, so pretty much everything still applies ;)

B: Apache works great as a webserver for just HTML, and is easily updated to support PHP as well.



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