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gilkyboy 01-25-2002 09:38 PM


DavidPhillips 01-25-2002 11:12 PM

It seems to say do this

mkdir /src

mount /dev/cdrom /src

mkdir /trg

mount /dev/hda1 /trg

but I have not rocked yet.

This is pretty general and you would surely have to give the correct /dev/hd?? for cdrom and hard drive

also filetypes may be required, with the -t option. the instructions should give you that info.

ugge 01-27-2002 05:49 AM

I took a quick surf on the Rock Linux web site to se what the distribution was about, and I found that it is a self compiling distro.
This means that all of your programs will be compiled from their source code.
This takes alot of time and the chances are high that you will run into frequent problems during setup.
Unless you are familiar with compiling of C code then I would suggest that you choose another distro.

The instructions however tells you to mount two different partitions to your file system tree,
one for your source which you unpack from a downloaded file or from your cd-rom.
The other directory is probably the directory where your programs will end up.

gilkyboy 02-05-2002 09:50 PM

After attempting what you guys recommended I was delighted to see that it was working (Thanks). However as usual, I came across a problem. My drive "ran out" of space. My drive is setup with an extended linux partition all together containing about 8 GB of storage. I mounted my /trg or install directory at /dev/ide/etc./part7 which is a 2GB (roughly) partition. After seeing that that wasn't working I figured that it might really be out of space (who knows?) So I tried putting it on my 8th partition, then I got an error saying something to the effect of didn't complete properly before or something like that. If anyone knows what the problem might be and how to fix it lemme know. Thanks in advance,

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