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browser 03-29-2008 12:33 AM

I want 2 choose which konqueror
Hi , I have both KDE4 & KDE 3.5.9 Versions Of Konqueror installed & want to know if anyone knows how or if its possible to choose which version of Konqueror you want to load as I am not quite enjoying the KDE4 version much yet & am dissapointed with lack of features compared to KDE 3.5 version etc ,& when I load Knoqueror it always loads the KDE4 version.
So I was hoping someone might know how to load which version you want etc.
Also I want to keep both versions installed as I want to slowly upgrade to KDE4 as it gets better
Thanks Anyone

browser 03-29-2008 03:05 PM

Sorry if I didnt thrase my question to everyones liking ,but if I type in the word "konqueror" in console for example or click on Konqueror Icon it will load the KDE4 version & I cant find a way to load my 3.5.9 version which actually loads in KDE but not Gnome or other window managers that I like to use for some reason but loads the KDE4 version.
I actually have just thought of something while typing this, I might check under Kmenu to see what the command is but I would be surprised if its different but it gives some hope that there must be a reason why it loads in KDE but not Gnome etc.
I am sure there would be other people with same problem as alot of people would have both versions of KDE installed at some stage while testing KDE4.

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