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hyper terminal /minicom on linux
Hi friends,

I am trying to get a hyper terminal behaviour from my linux redhat fedora 10 box. some how I unable to see any thing
in the minicom terminal. what could I be missing.

I have a serial cable(null modem) connected to anohter windows m/c to this linux m/c.
the cable is working , it is verified checked by conencting between two windows m/cs . the hyper terminals in both m/cs showing characters from the other end.

windows to linux I am unable to see anything either end.

I set the baud rate stop bit parity to the same values both ends. 9600N1

I removed all modem scripts from the minicom.

used ttyS0 and ttyS1 both , but none worked.

what else am I missing ?

Could some one tell me how to see some characters from the serial port of the linux box. without minicom any other solution is also welcome.

Thank you
Narender Rao S

pljvaldez 02-23-2006 12:03 PM

Never used it myself, but did you man minicom (I can't find any tutorials about using it to connect to windows)? I did notice some articles referenced ckermit as an alternative.

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