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philb1 06-18-2008 03:08 PM

HP Pavilion ze4210 Doesn't recognize all of RAM Upgrade
I just installed 512MB to my laptop. I originally had 256MB. It will only recognizes 512MB and of course should be reading about 756MB minus the 64MB for video. (actually 768MB minus 64MB)

I tried two sticks of 512MB and it still only reads 512MB. I understand it should be able to handle up to 1GB.

what is my problem. I have swapped sockets and many various combinations with the RAM chips but it will never see more than 512MB.
I have even sent back 512MB chips thinking they were bad and had new ones sent again. still doesnt recognize all the RAM installed.


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superdog 06-18-2008 05:33 PM

You may need a bios upgrade. I wouldn't upgrade my bios unless I absolutely had to and knew it would solve the problem though.

philb1 06-19-2008 06:43 AM

Where do I find a BIOS upgrade?

philb1 06-19-2008 06:49 AM

HP Pavilion RAM UPgrade
I should mention of course that i am useing WinXP.

farslayer 06-19-2008 07:22 AM

it could very well be that that system will not support that much memory..

sometimes lshw will be able to identify how much RAM a system will support, if lshw is not on your system you should be able to add it through your package manager.


it-etch:~# lshw -C memory
      description: BIOS
      vendor: Dell Inc.
      physical id: 0
      version: 1.1.2 (12/04/2006)
      size: 64KiB
      capacity: 448KiB
      capabilities: pci pnp apm upgrade shadowing cdboot bootselect edd int13floppytoshiba
 int5printscreen int9keyboard int14serial int17printer acpi usb ls120boot biosbootspecification
      description: L1 cache
      physical id: 700
      size: 16KiB
      capacity: 16KiB
      capabilities: internal write-back data
      description: L2 cache
      physical id: 701
      size: 2MiB
      capacity: 2MiB
      capabilities: internal varies unified
      description: System Memory
      physical id: 1000
      slot: System board or motherboard
      size: 1GiB
      capacity: 2GiB
          description: DIMM DDR Synchronous 533 MHz (1.9 ns)
          product: KHU006-QIA
          vendor: 7F98000000000000
          physical id: 0
          serial: A03XXXXX
          slot: DIMM_1
          size: 1GiB
          width: 64 bits
          clock: 533MHz (1.9ns)
          description: DIMM DDR Synchronous 533 MHz (1.9 ns) [empty]
          vendor: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
          physical id: 1
          serial: FFFFFFFF
          slot: DIMM_3
          width: 64 bits
          clock: 533MHz (1.9ns)

If you look at the output, this system is telling me it will support at most 2GB of RAM, and I currently have 1 GB installed. There is no BIOS upgrade available for this system to push that to 4GB..

If you don't have Linux installed on that machine, you could try this from a Knoppix LIVE CD. Windows doesn't have any way to provide this information that I have ever found.

Hmm the Specs for that laptop say you can get 1GB installed on that Laptop.. maybe you purchased the wrong type of memory module ? Registered vs. unregistered, or something like that..

I was hoping Kingston would provide a bit more detqail on teh memory specs..

Have you tried booting it with JUST one of the 512MB modules installed ? See if only one is good or worst case you have a BAD memory socket on the motherboard.. I've had brand new notebooks with bad memory sockets :(


alan_ri 06-19-2008 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by philb1 (Post 3189169)
Where do I find a BIOS upgrade?

On your BIOS manufacturer web site,if there is a linux package and if it is be very careful with upgrade because you may end up with broken system.
Suggestion,512MB of RAM + swap on Linux is more then enough for almost anything,so keep it that way and you'll be fine.

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