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NAKED_DEXTER 03-07-2004 06:48 PM

HOWTO uninstall the kernel 2.6.0 (not rpm).

I using a rpm kernel packages from redhat. 2.4.X

And I compile and install the kernel 2.6.0, I wanna remove that kernel...
How to remove that kernel from the system?
When I install:

wget -c

tar jxvf kern....

cd /usr/src/linux-2.6.0/
make mrproper
make menuconfig...
make bzImage
make modules
make modules_install
make install.

Now that make modules_install and make install, put various files in the system, /lib /boot etc... how to remove that?


Andrew Benton 03-07-2004 07:11 PM

Well you could just delete them but then you wouldn't have a kernel to run your computer the next time you boot, so it would make more sense to compile a new kernel and copy it over the one you don't like

trickykid 03-07-2004 07:28 PM

Moved: Not a Success Story.

vimico 03-07-2004 07:28 PM

If you compile and install a kernel "manually" and you want to remove it, you have to do that manually, too. (Just make sure that you still have another kernel on your hd that you can use when you boot the next time).

Fortunately, it is quite simple to identify the files related to a specific kernel.

In /boot:

Files that belong to a kernel 2.X.X will have that number in their file name as well.

First there is the kernel itself: vmlinuz-2.X.X
Second, a symbol table named:
Most of the time a copy of the config file that has being used for compiling the kernel is being copied to /boot, too: config-2.X:X

The modules produced during compilation are stored in /lib/modules/2.X.X

You can simply delete them all and the kernel is gone.

DON'T FORGET to reconfigure the the boot manager (lilo / grub) to use another kernel and test it before you remove anything.

NAKED_DEXTER 03-07-2004 07:47 PM

I use a kernel 2.4.22 and I want to remove a 2.6.0..

I only to do:
cd /boot
del *2.6*
cd /lib/modules
del -r *2.6*
cd /usr/src/
rm -r *2.6*


In the system do not have links ou files with references to that kernel?

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