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cyberbull 02-03-2004 07:21 AM

Howto deinstall tar.gz after an make install

Am pretty newbie,

When i for example install within the distro install glib 1.2
I need an update for glib 2.0 to run programs....

then i have two versions installed which cause problems together..

how do i uninstall my own installed tar.gz and / or the 1.2 version installed during distro install...(the last must be something with an package uninstaller but the first...)

The first question i tried to find on google, this board but could not find an answer which is the right one for me.

I hope i was clear enough to get some advise here



Using YellowDogLinux on powerbook g3 400 firewire
and a slackware router installed

cyberbull 02-03-2004 07:45 AM

ok have found something about make uninstall or something...

but when i do an make uninstall after make do i work further...

i guess with make uninstall it creates files where the program is placed and stuff.....but can i still trow away my source directory then??

it is not completely clear to me atm....


zombiedeth 02-03-2004 11:20 AM

yea, when you run configure it gathers information about your computer, i.e.: dependancies, platform, etc. then when you run make it compiles the source into binaries based on a file generated by configure. make install then copies the binaries to their designated folders. running make uninstall is going to remove all the binariess added to your computer in directories other than the source. make clean will then remove the binaries completely leaving you with the original source you started with. just delete the source and your done. just be careful, any programs dependant on the one you are uninstalling will no longer work.

cyberbull 02-03-2004 12:46 PM

so after make install do not trow away the source because of an future uninstall?

or is it possible to redownload the file and reconfigure it and then after configure without install do an uninstall to delete the old installation.

cause all the sources on the hdd would give a lot of mess and used diskspace....



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