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philwynk 02-05-2008 03:19 PM

Howto create icedtea plugin for firefox
Hi, all,

Fedora Core 8, i386 version (though running on Athlon 64).

I was nosing around trying to create a java plugin for firefox, and trying to install Sun Java 1.5 per some instructions I found, and then I noticed that there's a java implementation called "icedtea" already installed. So, I changed direction about halfway through and created a link from /etc/alternatives/ to the icedtea file called "", and got a few online java apps to work. "Voila!" sez I.

However, there are plenty of online java apps that still don't work, so I'm thinking maybe I don't have /etc/alternatives/ linked to the right thing. And as I read around the web, I'm confused by references to icedtea not working and such, but none of them say simply "link this icedtea module to," so I'm a little lost.

1) Have I linked to the correct .so file to implement icedtea's java plugin; and

2) What else do I need to do in order to get java applets to work?

It's possible that my efforts to install Sun Java 1.5 created some conflicts in the java installation, but I honestly don't think so. How could I check?


Phil W.

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