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helios007 11-12-2003 08:34 PM

How you check a website within a network
I'm using RH9and Apache2. I've succesfully set up a web page recently, but I needed to call my friends outside of my network to see if it was up and running correctly. Now I'm attempting to get Named Based Virtual Hosts going, and am wondering if there is a way to see if it's functioning from inside the network.

Basically my configuration is a DSL line going into a Router/Hub then to My Linux host and a couple of Win XP boxes.

When I type the hostname on any machine, I keep getting the router's http configure page. When I type http://IP.OF.HO.ST I can get one of the host's web page, but I can't get both/either.

I'm sure that you have many suggestions, and I'm overlooking something obvious.... so thanks in advance.


trickykid 11-12-2003 09:45 PM

You need to somehow identify the hostname with the IP address.. If not DNS and in Linux you can do this by editing the hosts file in /etc

If from Windows, no idea how to add simple hostname to IP's... but a DNS server would work and allow your Windows machines to use it as their DNS entries, etc.

helios007 11-13-2003 08:19 AM

Thanks Trickykid,

I think that I'm not understanding something. I have the hostnames registered with a DNS server that point to my IP already.

On my host machine (the linux box)- I went to /etc/hosts and entered and the IP of the host computer (itself), then I entered and then the IP of the hostcomputer. I still get the router's default configuration page.

Any Ideas?

I'm not too concerned about the windows machines, if I can test the named based virtual hosting from the linux box.

Thanks again

r_jensen11 11-13-2003 08:39 PM

Did you set up proper port routing?

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