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vigdavies 10-03-2009 12:16 PM

How to verify if Linux is loaded and working properly
Hi there. I am a newbie, and wondering how can I verify if Linux is loaded and working properly ? Do I need to consider wiping out the mbr and reloading Linux if I am suspicious at any cost about it ? How do you know if Linux is working properly ? Please advise.

sploot 10-03-2009 12:26 PM


Are you booting linux? This should tell you if it is working "properly." However, if you are trying to use linux for a particular purpose, then to work "properly" could mean something like, that purpose is realized.

So, follow question: What do you want your computer to be doing? Is it doing something that you don't want?

In other words, what do you think it would mean for it to work "properly" or improperly?

camorri 10-03-2009 12:28 PM

If you can answer yes, to these questions, most things are working.

Does it boot up to the desktop you installed? Are things easily viewable?

Can you run a network application, like Firefox and get to a web site?

Can you launch an application for audio, and hear sound?

Does your printer print from an application like Open Office?

MBR - If you install a boot loader to the MBR, and the system boots, leave it alone. If the system does not boot, then this may be a source of a problem.


How do you know if Linux is working properly ?
How did you know if windbloze was working?

vigdavies 10-11-2009 03:44 PM

Ubuntu Linux 9.04 is up & running
Loading up Ubuntu Linux 9.04 making it self-bootable was a hardship beyond what I ever experienced in Windows. It costed alot of time, a new hard drive, the fact that I had to use two versions of Ubuntu to force it to load on a new hard drive, and to have to load Windows XP twice to make the kernel git in on it. Anyways, sticking with Ubuntu Linux for how much it's been a heartache.

Thanks for your reply Cliff as it did help me diagnose if the Linux boot was successful. Perhaps you could help me on my next problem to get this Ubuntu Linux 9.04 desktop to have bi-directional file transfer availability and functionality upon boot as well as with my Windows XP laptop to join up with it and to do file transfer as well automatically.



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