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kenk50 02-25-2005 03:26 PM

How to Uninstall RedHat Enterprise on dual-boot system w/XP
Help! Newbie question, and I can't find any references to this (except one for Win98 that I cannot make work for my XP system). I need to uninstall Red Hat from a computer w/Windows XP Home, and keep the Windows partition intact. I also need to uninstall GRUB - this computer is going to a relative, and she needs only the Windows stuff.:confused:

fixxer 02-25-2005 05:49 PM

Uninstalling RedHat on dual-boot sys
I was in a similar problem..... this is what I did... :)

I started winXP and opened an application named "Hard disk utilities! (as far I can remember)" inside de control panel from wich I was capable of looking all the partitions existing in my hard disk :study:

There is an option in such a program in wich you can format every partition... (except for main partition )... so that's what I did.... I started to format the partitions that RedHat was using as FAT32 ;)


So I had 3 partitions, main (used by windows), data , and the one that RedHat was using !!

:mad: but here it comes the difficult part !!

I rebooted my computer and SORPRISE !! WINDOWS WAS NOT BOOTING !! :tisk:

I inserted the winXP CD and rebooted and entered the windows text-mode installation program !!

there's an option of leaving such program without installing anything (with F3 as far I remember)

then entered a DOS-like prompt and typed dir !! :study:

there is a command named "bootfix.exe" that I executed (typeing it and <enter>) and a few files were installed !! after such I rebooted !! and BINGO !!! I had my winXP system and files operating properly !!!

If you want to do such I SUGGEST YOU TO BACK YOUR DATA UP FIRTS !!!


just in case !!!

greetings !!!!!! and "The power of Linux be with you !!"

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