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Bogdan 12-19-2001 04:54 PM

How to switch keyboard layout in KDE/RedHat 7.2
I just moved from old KDE 1.2 which was in Mandrake 8.0, there were small programm. that place it self into system tray and enable me to switch keyboard layouts between, by pressing few key, but now I install RedHat 7.2 with KDE 2? and I could not find this menuitem :(
May be there are exist any new way to switch keyboard layouts, or I have to install any additional software to do it? In cosole all is OK.
Please, if some body know, help me, it's to dificult fo me to use Linux without my native language.

el_felipe 12-19-2001 05:02 PM


open the "KDE Control Center":

>> Personalization

>> Country & Language

Choose there your favourite options, they will also affect the way time is displayed and many other things...

Bogdan 12-20-2001 02:01 AM

Thanks for advice about control center, I find layouts in

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