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Pinks2 08-21-2007 05:51 PM

How to start Sabayon Linux 3.4e in FbDev/VESA
How do I start this distribution in FbDev/Vesa. Cause whenever I just try to boot it up regularly (I installed using the text installer hoping that it would correct my issue...SO MUCH FOR THAT T_<), and whenever Xserver wants to start it just goes to a black screen displaying my video card crash or something. It says "OUT OF RANGE, H:74.5Khz.." something like that, and I just have to restart my computer as I can't do anything from that. Is there anything I can do before Sabayon starts (Like type in a line that makes my video driver FbDev/Vesa or something?) I haven't had much success with anything.

My video card (Probably the source of my problem) is a ATI X800, PCI-Express.

jay73 08-21-2007 06:27 PM

Out of range usually is an indication of incorrect refresh rates. This is a common issue with ATI cards that are not supported by the radeon driver. The workaround would be to boot the sabayon livedvd/cd, mount your root partition and locate the xorg.conf file that is in /etc/X11. Then you need to
- replace the driver (I suspect that "ati" was selected) with "vesa"
- verify that the horizontal and vertical rates are not higher than what is supported by your monitor (check the manual or google)

Pinks2 08-21-2007 06:48 PM

That's the thing..I never could boot into the LiveDVD (checked the md5 sum at all, it was correct.) cause of my ATI Card, and ended up booting into the text installer hoping that it would fix my problem. Right now, I'm on ubuntu, and I can't mount the partition cause it is an unknown filesystem, and I can't even read/search it. Any suggestions? I would of hoped that there was a code that I could type, I tried the one code I found "ddc res=1024x768 refresh=60 opengl=ati" but that didn't work either. Just messed up all around =\.

Maybe I'll just have to invest in a nvidia 7600GT...I am about fed up with all this incompatibility BS and ATI's no-go support for linux.

jay73 08-21-2007 07:57 PM

Funny, I recently switched over to the 7600 myself after having used an X1600 for about a year. Yes, Nvidia does work better with Linux although my prime motive for dumping ATI was the total absence of any drivers for Solaris and BSD rather than their crummy Linux drivers.

OK, back to Sabayon. I actually installed 3.26 about New Year and I did get it to run - if I'm not mistaken, 3.26 came with the fglrx driver included. I don't know whether this feature was removed from 3.4 - or maybe from 3.4e, which is an enterprise system and may have fewer (if any) proprietary drivers to avoid legal issues. That's only a guess, though.

Anyway, let's try and be creative. The "filesystem not recognized" issue may indicate that you used LVM, which is simply incomprehensible for fdisk. It sees the LVM but it can't make any sense of what is inside. I think your best option would be to reinstall and make sure that you do NOT use LVM (use manual partitioning instead); then you can later mount the partition from Ubuntu - or maybe mount it at the end of the install and simply copy over your xorg.conf from Ubuntu (assuming that it wasn't installed in an LVM too, which would make it unreachable).

Pinks2 08-21-2007 08:07 PM

I've thought about Solaris, but then when I saw that there were no ATI drivers at ALL, versus when I visited the nvidia website and saw a whole section divided just for Solaris...I'm really considering strongly going to nvidia if I'm going to be a Linux user. They just are more mature on a linux platform from what I have read, and unless AMD open-sources the drivers (I read an article, but there's no due-date on when AMD will do it), I've basically got my mind made up. If ATI doesn't support AIGLX or any more features of linux at that, by the end of 2007, I'll unload this sucker and get a 7600GT >.>;....

Anyways, I've just given up on this whole Sabayon issue. I've got my TinyXP that I'm back on for now, a chopped up version of XP that's decent, but can't touch linux. Seeing as I'm in school and have to have a working desktop. Anyways, as I said, if ATI doesn't get better linux support by the end of 07', I'll be unloading the red, ebaying that ( much is a X800 worth? Probably sell it for like 40...), and load up a green.

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