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xjonquilx 11-05-2011 05:28 PM

How to set up wireless printer in Gnome Shell?
I have an HP Officejet 4500. How do I set it up in Gnome Shell? I mean, how do I find out the host name and all that?

xjonquilx 11-05-2011 07:30 PM

Nevermind. I figured it out myself, hahaha.

etech3 11-05-2011 07:41 PM

Glad you got it working
How about posting the fix for others.

Then you can mark this solved.


xjonquilx 11-05-2011 07:50 PM

Ok, I'm pretty sure I've done everything right and it's still not printing.

Could samba.conf be the issue here? I'm using the right driver and socket://HP3A72FC which is what the hostname is according to my router. It has a private IP assigned to it.

xjonquilx 11-05-2011 08:53 PM

Ok, I'm going off memory here so here's what you gotta do:

Download HPLIP. Restart your PC.
Run sudo hp-setup
Run it the first time as Wireless 802.11 and set it up via USB if you have not already done this on the printer itself.
The second time choose Wireless (JetDirect)
Select Advanced and fill in the assigned IP address of the printer (assign an IP address from the router if you haven't already).
Select print a test page.
Select next and it should print a test page!

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