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amit.mitu 12-18-2007 11:08 PM

how to repair linux o/s
I am working on fedora linux but in some system o/s is getting corrupted,in want to repair that existing o/s without any changes(like window o/s).is it possible if yes please guide me.i tried with "update o/s" option by booting with cdrom,but still the same problem.what can i do pls. guide me on my e-mail id is :"".

amit kumar

jenickel 12-18-2007 11:28 PM

check out the man page or info page on the command...fsck

fsck is the command to check and repair a linux file system.

You can also get good info doing web searches using "howto" in the search string...for example....howto fsck

Lots of great info and great help in the Linux community. Good luck!!

geek_man 12-19-2007 09:29 AM

Share the information


guide me on my e-mail id is :"".
Please don't do that. If you are asking a question in a forum you don't need the answer in your email (Share the information). Imagine that you have a problem and need a solution. You browse the web and you find in a forum a person who has the same problem as you, but he asked the people to answer to his email and you can't read the solution, you would be angry.

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