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1948chev 02-03-2005 05:44 PM

How to print email without ccs?
Hello, I have Fedora Core 3 with Evolution. I want to print just the body of an email message, excluding the long list of 'copies to'. I tried to select just the body but the print screen did not permit selection printing. I tried clicking on 'reply' but then no print function was available and Ctrl P did nothing. Also, I would like to print the Evolution Help Manual but I can't find anyway to do so. Thanks for your help. Larry

jonr 02-04-2005 02:31 PM

It may sound involved, but for me the easiest way would be to select the text I want, copy it to a text editor, and print from there. I'll bet it would end up being easier than doing it from the email client program.

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