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lewisdw 06-12-2004 02:52 PM

how to mount and recover files off NTF partition
I've got a second harddrive that has on it a single NTFS partition (that may or may not have corruption on it). How can I mount this under Linux and attempt to save some documents that are on it?

I've tried connecting the drive as the slave on the IDE cable, but couldn't figure out how to see it/mount it. Any help is appreciated.

ProtoformX 06-12-2004 04:19 PM

With kernel 2.6.6 with ntfs support, if you conneded it run cfdisk and look up the devicenode it uses .. hd*# (* will be a letter and the # will be a number) I'm guessing hdc1 or 2 maybe even hdd1 or hdd2

now that you have that information, edit the fstab ( as root: pico /etc/fstab) and insert this line:


/dev/hd*#      /mnt/windows      ntfs    noauto,user,owner,ro  0  0

Close and save that, then as root still make a directory called "windows" in /mnt/... so


mkdir /mnt/windows
Now set the permissions for that directory:


chmod 666 /mnt/windows
then mount it:

mount /dev/hd*# /mnt/windows
And bingo.. you now have a mounted ntfs filesystem

lewisdw 06-13-2004 10:22 AM

I got it to mount, but can't read anything off of the drive (it's corrupted). Are there any tools (I'm running under Mandrake 10) that will allow me to recover any files off of this NTFS drive?

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