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QiangWan 05-17-2005 09:56 AM

How to modify or
Hi, guys:
I need to modify some code of the GNU project, and add some new c++ programs(.h, .cc), but now I am confused of how to use 'make' to recompile the modified project again. There are some similar files, I copied one and replaced some specific words with the names of newly added files, but it does not work.

The files '' in my project are generated by automake 1.8.3, but the aotomake in redhat9.0 is 1.6.3. When I automake the project, it says: 'automake requires ' AM_CONFIG_HEADER', not 'AC_CONFIG_HEADER'
aclocal.m4:6026: version mismatch. This is automake 1.6.3, but aclocal.m4 was generated for Automake 1.8.3. required file './mkinstalldirs' not found require version 1.7, but have 1.6.3

I searched automake-1.8.3 in, but I did not find that version in redhat 9.0.
I am definitely be spoiled by MS visual studio products, is there a way to quickly learn how to compile c++ projects in linux.


rylan76 05-17-2005 11:07 AM

Did you do



I think the error you are getting might be because you did not do aclocal before autoconf...

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