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RMLinux 08-10-2006 02:59 AM

How to make KNOPPIX LIVE CD?
I successfully downloaded the KNOPPIX_V5.0.1CD-2006-06-01-EN.iso How to make live CD.

help me....Thanks

Electro 08-10-2006 03:02 AM

Record or burn from image.

RMLinux 08-10-2006 03:07 AM

just burn it straight? no need to use bootable CD option on NERO...this is .iso file the NERO asking for .img how? How to make my Disk bootable? Thanks. I'll try but is it possible using MSDOS?

by the way currently i am using WINDOWS XP? thanks

Nylex 08-10-2006 03:11 AM

Don't double post.

RMLinux 08-10-2006 03:15 AM

sorry Nylex How to delete this threads?

sorry this is my first time using this "NERO"

Tinkster 08-10-2006 04:31 AM

Further replies please to the other thread:

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