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Tyir 10-07-2003 06:12 PM

How to install from source?
Hi, I have another question :)

I was following the directions to install from a .tar.gz file here
which was basically this

1. tar xvzf foo.tar.gz
2. cd foo
3. ./configure
4. make
5. make install

so i tar xvzf 'the file.tar.gz' (it was firebird if that matters any)
then moved into the newly created folder

but when i inputted
I just get :

[root@localhost MozillaFirebird]# ./configure
-bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

Who won't it run the configure script


ksgill 10-07-2003 06:19 PM

maybe there isnt a ./configure in it, read text files in the directory for example something that says Install or Readme and follow the instructions.....why do u wanna install from source?..just find rpm and install it.. :)

Tyir 10-07-2003 06:25 PM

Oh, well, I couldn't find the .rpm on either

Nor on the main website...I figured there just wasn't one :)

Wynd 10-07-2003 06:27 PM

If it's Mozilla Firebird, most likely you downloaded the already-compiled version. Just try running ./MozillaFirebird as a user and see what happens.

Tyir 10-07-2003 06:38 PM


it just..."opened'..

Did i not need to

tar xvzf foo.tar.gz

and can i delete the new folder?
(the MozillaFirebird one)

Tyir 10-07-2003 06:42 PM

Well, i did a bit of testing and I needed it it seems....

Tyir 10-07-2003 06:47 PM

Ok, well this is on Firebird, so obviously its working...

Was the reason why ./configure didn't work is because Mozilla had already dont all that stuff for Firebird?

Wynd 10-07-2003 08:15 PM

Yeah, usually Firebird comes precompiled since it's a beast and takes a long time even on fast machines.

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