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paragc 06-04-2006 06:35 PM

How to install Fedora Core 5 & SUSE 10 in a 20 GB IDE HDD?
I have 2 IDE hard disks, 1 80 GB containig WIN XP in FAT32 format & another 20 GB. I want to install Fedora core 5 & SUSE 10 on the 2nd HDD. The problem is how should I partition the entire HDD from the scratch. I also want the GRUB loader of SUSE to be my bootloader. Which distro shoud I install first & how do I partition?

jens 06-04-2006 08:39 PM

Easy way:

Make sure this 20 gig is formatted as "free space".

First install Fedora. The installer will give you the option to use this free space.
Change the size from your biggest Linux partition so that it still leaves 10 gig as "free space".

Next install SUSE. The will give you again an option to use the "free space". Use the full 10 gig (= going with the defaults). Since you installed SUSE after your other two OSes it will replace the existing boot loader and use the one from SUSE(including an entry for both Windows and Fedora).

bigrigdriver 06-05-2006 01:24 AM

Oops! Jens, you forgot the swap partition. Paragc, create a small swap partition (equal to or greater than the amount of ram on your motherboard). Otherwise, following Jens instructions should work.

Install RH first, write grub to the RH partition. Then install SuSE and write grub to the MBR. It should detect the windows and RH partitions and correctly write the grub config for windows, RH, and SuSE.

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