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husrah 10-29-2006 03:20 AM

how to increase memory for applications in x
i am using suse 10.1 and running dosemu to run a accounting application. on my hardware i have 502mb ram and when i run my application i get an error conventional memory exhausted. in dosemu.conf i have increased the mem to 760 but then i get this error :ERROR: $_dosmem = (760) not allowed for X and VGA console graphics, restricting to 640K
i have searched the internet and have read that echo "66904064" >/proc/sys/kernel/shmmax must be used to increase the mem , but how do i use this command

titopoquito 10-29-2006 04:48 AM

You have to type in this command in a command shell (console). You should probably have something like "terminal" or "konsole" under "Programs" --> "System" (SUSE uses KDE, right?). Then type in your command.

husrah 10-29-2006 02:25 PM

i have typed this command in terminal but it does not increase the memory."66904064" is = to 640k i have tried to double it to 133808128, when i type it in terminal i dont get any error but in dosemu i still get the same error.

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