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PaulFC5 10-24-2008 05:14 AM

How to get Firefox to play an x-ms-asf internet radio feed
A bit of an idiot/newbie question/prob I know but:

I'm running Firefox as browser under FC8 (generally with the KDE GUI) and I can't seem to get to hear Radio Habana - the voice of free America ie not the 4thReich. It seems to work fine under winDoze - at least when the fuehrer (Adolf W. Bush) doesn't cut it off. Quiero amejorar mi comprension de espanol.

The file type seems to be called (video/x-ms-asf Object) and it says it's connected and then downloading but nothing happens even after a few minutes wait - in winDoze it seemed to take a minute or so to download a cache/buffer or whatever and then away it went - with the odd dropout. But it doesn't seem to be happening in linux.

Is there some way to get Firefox to use Totem or Amarok or ?? as its default sound app? The whole linux audio bizzo seems to be a bit erratic/random in general - I'd better get my money back :D:D

Any ideas amigos??


grumpf 10-24-2008 11:03 AM

ask google:
according to this:

install plugger from:
add to /etc/pluggerrc-4.0

video/x-ms-asf: asf,asx: ASF animation
video/x-ms-asf-plugin: asf,asx: ASF animation
ignore_errors maxaspect swallow(MPlayer):if mplayer -autoq 3 "$file" 2>&1 | grep 'Sorry,' >/dev/null ; then mplayer -vo x11 -autoq 3 "$file" >/dev/null 2>/dev/null ; fi </dev/null

have fun with Radio Habana

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