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snakeo2 03-20-2005 04:44 PM

How to fix MBR?
I have a quick question, here is the scenario

I want to install FC4/Whitebox Ent. Linux in a box that already has XP. This is a new box and for the moment only has one HD. I would love to install another HD , but dont have the money right now. I have a few concerns and would like to know how to fix MBR just in case dont go as planned.
I know im going to have some issues with my video card(pci express). below are my specs


I used the Mandrake installation CD to resize the drive and have allocated 90gb for linux.
if everything fails and not able to log into FC4/WHITEBOX/MANDRAKE, ETC because of hardware compatability, is it as easy as boot into safe mode in windows go to the command line and type
"fix MBR" ( not sure if this is the right command)?

thanks in advance

nadroj 03-20-2005 04:59 PM

after you install linux it should install a bootloader (if you make set it to). if a new boot loader is installed, then you can just select windows at that screen without any problems; whether errors occured with linux or not.
if your linux installation does not go well, boot your computer into your windows xp pro/home cd, select repair/recovery console, or whatever its called exactly, from the first screen after it loads for a couple moments. log into your windows installation using the admin password (needed), type 'fixmbr' and hit enter, it will prompt you yes/no to do this... then do 'fixboot' and hit enter, and it will prompt you again, accept them both. then type 'exit' and enter to reboot, or just hard boot the computer and remove the xp cd. this should make windows forget all about linux and you can give it another shot or whatever.

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