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ajaygarg 10-22-2011 12:04 PM

How to find the language group for "Pashto"?
Hi all.

I am wanting to get the language pack for "Pashto" installed on my Fedora 11.
I tried


yum grouplist
and it listed

Installed Groups:
  Administration Tools
  Arabic Support
  Armenian Support
  Assamese Support
  Authoring and Publishing
  Bengali Support
  Bhutanese Support
  Chinese Support
  Development Tools
  Dial-up Networking Support
  Engineering and Scientific
  Ethiopic Support
  GNOME Desktop Environment
  GNOME Software Development
  Games and Entertainment
  Georgian Support
  Graphical Internet
  Gujarati Support
  Hardware Support
  Hebrew Support
  Hindi Support
  Input Methods
  Inuktitut Support
  Japanese Support
  KDE Software Compilation
  Kannada Support
  Kashmiri Support
  Khmer Support
  Konkani Support
  Korean Support
  Lao Support
  Legacy Fonts
  Mail Server
  Maithili Support
  Malayalam Support
  Marathi Support
  MySQL Database
  Myanmar (Burmese) Support
  Network Servers
  Oriya Support
  Printing Support
  Punjabi Support
  Russian Support
  Sanskrit Support
  Server Configuration Tools
  Sindhi Support
  Sinhala Support
  Sound and Video
  System Tools
  Tajik Support
  Tamil Support
  Telugu Support
  Text-based Internet
  Thai Support
  Urdu Support
  Venda Support
  Web Server
  X Window System
Available Groups:
  Afrikaans Support
  Albanian Support
  Amazigh Support
  Asturian Support
  Azerbaijani Support
  Basque Support
  Belarusian Support
  Books and Guides
  Bosnian Support
  Brazilian Portuguese Support
  Breton Support
  Bulgarian Support
  Catalan Support
  Chichewa Support
  Coptic Support
  Croatian Support
  Czech Support
  DNS Name Server
  Danish Support
  Development Libraries
  Directory Server
  Dogtag Certificate System
  Dutch Support
  Educational Software
  Electronic Lab
  English (UK) Support
  Esperanto Support
  Estonian Support
  FTP Server
  Faroese Support
  Fedora Eclipse
  Fedora Packager
  Fijian Support
  Filipino Support
  Finnish Support
  Font design and packaging
  French Support
  Frisian Support
  Friulian Support
  Gaelic Support
  Galician Support
  German Support
  Greek Support
  Hiligaynon Support
  Hungarian Support
  Icelandic Support
  Indonesian Support
  Interlingua Support
  Irish Support
  Italian Support
  Java Development
  KDE Software Development
  Kashubian Support
  Kazakh Support
  Kinyarwanda Support
  Kurdish Support
  Latin Support
  Latvian Support
  Legacy Network Server
  Legacy Software Development
  Lithuanian Support
  Low Saxon Support
  Luxembourgish Support
  Macedonian Support
  Malagasy Support
  Malay Support
  Maltese Support
  Manx Support
  Maori Support
  MeeGo NetBook UX Environment
  MinGW cross-compiler
  Mongolian Support
  Nepali Support
  News Server
  Northern Sotho Support
  Norwegian Support
  Occitan Support Development
  Perl Development
  Persian Support
  Polish Support
  Portuguese Support
  PostgreSQL Database
  Romanian Support
  Samoan Support
  Sardinian Support
  Serbian Support
  Slovak Support
  Slovenian Support
  Somali Support
  Southern Ndebele Support
  Southern Sotho Support
  Spanish Support
  Sugar Desktop Environment
  Swahili Support
  Swati Support
  Swedish Support
  Tagalog Support
  Tetum Support
  Tibetan Support
  Tonga Support
  Tsonga Support
  Tswana Support
  Turkish Support
  Turkmen Support
  Ukrainian Support
  Upper Sorbian Support
  Uzbek Support
  Vietnamese Support
  Walloon Support
  Web Development
  Welsh Support
  Window Managers
  Windows File Server
  X Software Development
  XFCE Software Development
  Xhosa Support
  Zulu Support

There doesn't seem to be a group for "Pashto".

Any ideas?
I will be grateful.

Thanks and Regards,

DavidMcCann 10-22-2011 12:35 PM

I'm sorry to say that there's not much support for Pashto. You can find a keyboard driver: it's listed under Afghanistan. LibreOffice and OpenOffice have no support. You can see what's being done to improve things here:
and suitable fonts are available here:

ajaygarg 10-22-2011 12:45 PM

Hi DavidMcCann.
Thanks for the reply.

Hmm, I am a little confused.

On another F14 machine, locales -a does show "ps_AF.utf8". Moreover, when I manually set "LANG=ps_AF.utf8" in ~/.i18n, and reboot, some parts of my desktop do show a Urdu-like language, while rest of the part shows English.

1. So, is pashto partly available for F14?
2. Is this part support available on F11?
3. Also, keyboard driver for Pashto, but no OpenOffice supprt, means that pashto characters will be available on the terminal, but not in OpenOffice apps?

I may sound very stupid, but I am a complete newbie.

Looking forward to a reply.


ajaygarg 10-22-2011 11:22 PM

On my f14 machine, there is a folder /usr/share/locale/ps, which contains localized messages for pashto.
On my f11 machine, /usr/share/locale/ps does not exist.

So, put more simply, what may I do, to have the folder /usr/share/locale/ps?


DavidMcCann 10-23-2011 10:36 AM

To get /usr/share/locale/ps either install a newer version of Fedora, or copy the file from F14 to F11 (not guaranteed to work properly). This gives you translated messages for many programs, but some will be left in English because no-one has translated them yet.

For OpenOffice/LibreOffice, the question is whether it can recognise the need to use different forms of letters. Click on Tools - Options - Language settings - Languages. Mark the box "enable CTL" and select Farsi in the menu. I've just tried inserting some letters and it does seem to handle the ones with the ring below correctly, as far as I can see (I'm not a Pashto speaker).

ajaygarg 10-23-2011 11:32 AM

That worked. Thanks a ton sir.

Just one more thing, by setting the LANG variable, F14 displays pashto script fonts.
However, on F11 (after the ps_AF directory copied in /usr/share/locale, and setting in ~/.i18n), the characters are not displayed (but rather some cryptic four-boxed-digits are visible).

I did some more research, and tried setting SYSFONT=165, and SYSFONT=165.cp, after reading /lib/kbd/consolefonts/README.Arabic. However, it still shows the same 4-boxed thing.

May be I am doing something fundamentally wrong?

Anyways, thanks a lot for your help :)


ajaygarg 10-23-2011 01:37 PM


I just remembered you talking about the keyboard driver for Pashto. Might that be the reason for the four-boxed issue?


DavidMcCann 10-23-2011 06:11 PM

The characters being displayed as numbers just means that they are missing from your font in F11. Try installing one of the fonts from the site I mentioned.

ajaygarg 10-23-2011 11:31 PM

DavidMcCann, again your pointer paved me to the way to success !! :)

Actually, the font cp.150 was present in /lib/kbd/consolefonts. The issue was the missing X11 Window System on F11 (it was present on F14). I happened to come across some information on raster-fonts (wikipedia rocks !!). Then, luckily, all I needed was to install bitmap-fonts, and voila ... I was done.

The credit, of course, all goes to you.

Thanks Genius !! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.


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