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hocheetiong 05-29-2008 07:56 AM

how to configure another dns server to combine use with primary current dns server.
Hi, in my current LAN network already have a DNS server this DNS server is private IP address(, all client PC in this network using this DNS server(, if now i want to configure second DNS server at this network let's say a second DNS server(, because i dont want to update and add any client pc data name is this first DNS server(, all new pc client data name i want to record at and update to second DNS server(, let's said now now this first DNS server( dont have my latest new pc name example: record, so all client pc cannot ping, than now i update this new pc record at second DNS server( is it posible to configure my DNS server combine use, than user client pc can resolve new and old pc.

I already try to configure this second DNS server(, the client pc can resolve ping the new pc which is updated at the second DNS server(, but cannot ping the all old and existing pc name which is all record at first DNS server(, whatever i already configure the client pc /etc/resolve.conf:

This first DNS server( i dont want to update and add any new pc name record, than i only update and add new pc name record at this second DNS server( than i just add this both DNS server at client side pc, than i can resolve both first and second DNS server client pc name, is it posible??

any solution?
Thank you.

dkm999 05-29-2008 06:57 PM

The designers of DNS did their best to make it difficult to sustain two distinct views of the DNS namespace. If what you want is to present one view to some users and a different one to others, do a Google search for 'DNS split horizon'. If, on the other hand, what you are trying to do is to make entries for new machines in one place and have them propagate to the other DNS servers automatically, you can readily accomplish this by designating one as the master and the other as a slave. There will be some configuration needed to get this to work right in your situation; I recommend the Administrator's Manual as a good reference for this work.

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