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pratsam 08-03-2012 08:38 AM

How to configure a GBip-Ethernet adapter on Linux
it is a prologix Gpib-ethernet apadter with commands like ++addr ++auto etc.


I have embedded system with gbip to ethernet adapater. The ethernet socket has fixed IP addr, say,

From Windows I can configure gbip -ethernet adapter easily. If I connect ethernet wire from gbip -ethernet adapter to a Windows machine and open teraterm like utility and set up the ip address as mentioned above in teraterm, and type commands like addr, auto etc, it works.

I am wondering how I would do the same thing on Linux. I have fedora 12 OS.

floppy_stuttgart 08-03-2012 12:26 PM

In my home, I am using ethernet adapters.
a) I putted one after the fritzbox router (LAN connection between that adapter and the fritzbox)
b) the other one at the house roof; connected to PCs
I did not configure anything: just plug in.
This is a conrad ethernet adapter 200mb/s here available in germany.
If i remember I readed something about possible setup. But I use it without any setup.
Hopefully it helps.

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