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freaky2202 10-21-2007 10:46 AM

How to check the virtual network card?
Hi folks!

I have SuSE 10.3 installed in a virtual machine.

VMnet8 is NAT with my host and VMnet0 is bridged to my physical ethernet card but there's no cable plugged in.
That is the output of ifconfig:

WIll ifconfig display also nics where no cable is plugged in? Should the (bridged, virtual)nic appear if I plug the cable in?

Hot to check wether the virtual card (VMnet0) is recognized without plugging the cable in?


mickyg 10-22-2007 07:15 AM

It's been a while since I used VMWare so apologies if this is utter rubbish, but I'm curious, if vmnet8 is NAT'd, why do you need vmnet0 at all? If your guest OS is NAT'd it'll appear on your LAN as if it were a seperate box, so bridging vmnet0 to your hosts NIC seems a little redundant to me.... or am I missing something stupidly obvious there?

Assuming the output from ifconfig is from the guest OS??, I wouldn't expect to see a bridged interface in the guest OS up if the interface is down on the host. Have you tried ifconfig -a in the guest? This will show all interfaces, whether they are up or down. I suspect that the guest OS does have another interface but you can't see it by running ifconfig because that will only show interfaces that are up. Since the host interface is not plugged in I wouldn't think it's up, so the bridged interface won't be either.

Hope that helps you in some way.

seelenbild28 10-22-2007 07:27 AM

if you use NAT mickyg is right, there is only the lan card eth0 in your host system....

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