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Raker 02-04-2002 05:41 PM

how to change to 8-bit color X
I'm new to linux. I'm using RedHat 7.2 with Ximian Gnome desktop. I set the color as 32bit when I installed it. How do I change is to 8-bit color? Because I have to run a program that only works under 8-bit color enviroment.

Please help.

trickykid 02-04-2002 06:10 PM

you can rerun Xconfigurator or you can edit your XF86Config file to have it use 8 bits instead of 32 bits..

Raker 02-04-2002 07:43 PM

Ah, thanks a lot, it worked! But I just wonder is there a way that I can switch between 8bit and 32bit color X without rebooting everytime?

And, I'm in Austin Texas too! What a small world. lol.

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