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LittleMaster 09-15-2012 01:49 AM

How long Rhce Certification Valid
Hi All,

I want to know long Rhce certification is valid .I had completed the Certification Rhce 5.4 Version on Jan 2009.I just i joined rhcss class but the faculty is training me in rhcss version 5.8 .I just want few doudt regarding rhcss preparation

1.I had completed Rhce certified on Version 5.4 whether i was eligible to do rhcss exam without completing latest version of rhce 6.2 exam

2.I asked my faculty to take class for rhcss on version 6.2.But he said me rhcss has revised only on rhel 5.8.Can i know why rhcss exam takes on rhce 5.8 version rather than latest version of redhat 6.3 .Can i know whether rhcss exam for version 6.3 is revised in my location is India,Bangalore

TheIndependentAquarius 09-15-2012 06:32 AM

IMO, you should mail all your questions to Red Hat:

Click: Contact Red Hat Training link on the right side of
that page.

Also, you can contact their office directly:

BTW, your language is not very clear. In order to get proper
response from Red Hat, you need to form the questions in finely
understandable English.

Feel free to contact me offline if you want a "translator".

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