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behmjoe 04-03-2005 10:55 PM

how does one configure udev to create /dev/pktcdvd/pktcdvd*?

i added this line to my /etc/udev/50-udev.permissions:


I added these lines to my /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules:

KERNEL="pktcdvd", NAME="pktcdvd/control"
KERNEL="pktcdvd[0-9]*", NAME="pktcdvd/pktcdvd%n"

the results:

ls /dev/pktcdvd

pktsetup /dev/pktcdvd/pktcdvd0 /dev/hdf
ioctl: Inappropriate ioctl for device

ls -l /dev/pktcdvd*
crw- --- --- 10, 63 /dev/pktcdvd/control
-r-- --x r-t 0 /dev/pktcdvd/pktcdvd0

pktsetup /dev/pktcdvd/pktcdvd0 /dev/hdf
ioctl: Inappropriate ioctl for device

I have been googling making posts in other forums for a couple weeks no answers. It seems like udftools-1.0.0b3 is old, and that is what i am using. I looked in the cvs it also looks old from sourceforge. I am using linux-, and the current hotplug scripts and udev version. I think something changed in the new kernels or something. I have built this linux system from source code guided by the linux from scratch project. When i initially tried udftools udev created /dev/pktcdvd which was a character device which i modified with the udev rules to get the proper name control and be in the proper directorie. Am i the only one with this problem. Does anyone use another software package for packet writing in linux? I have a cdrw drive, and i know their is some packet writing software for dvdrw drives, and i was wondering if it also worked for cdrw's. I am all ears i need to solve this problem so i can move on with my system.

Warren rockefellar

masonm 04-04-2005 10:40 AM

Did you enable the CD packet writing option when you compiled your kernel? If not, you'll need to recompile it with that option enabled.

behmjoe 04-04-2005 10:44 AM


Yes i enabled packet writing in my kernel config, and i have it built into the kernel rather than a module.


behmjoe 04-04-2005 01:49 PM


I have a directorie in the /sys tree for pktcdvd

$ ls /sys/class/misc/pktcdvd

how do I write my udev rules to create /dev/pktcdvd/pktcdvd0. I have been trying to figure this out for about a week maybe a little more. I feel this is not documented well. Please give me help I need to use my cdrw.


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