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ant123 09-20-2004 05:52 AM

How do you install suse linux pro 9.1
How do you install it?
It wont boot from cdrom if you tell it to and i dont know where to find the boot floppies, if these are needed. I currently have mandrake 10. So does anyone know how to do it?:confused:

320mb 09-20-2004 06:40 AM

Re: How do you install suse linux pro 9.1

Originally posted by ant123
i dont know where to find the boot floppies, if these are needed.
images for floppies should be on the disk/ have to make them yourself
look in all the directories on the CD/CD's and read the README files............

Celettu 09-20-2004 08:43 AM

SUSE 9.1 Personal ISO's can be found at The Pro you have to order/do a network installation.

reitzell 09-20-2004 11:15 AM

Try and boot off a floppy.

Do you have the 5 CD's? You'll need to create three boot disks.


copy them to a floppy:
dd if=bootdisk1 of=/dev/fd0

And then see if the install will proceed off of the CDROM drive.

Good luck,

reitzell 09-21-2004 10:36 AM

Yes finally a descent answer!

I dont have 5 cds, i have one dvd that i bought from ebay for 5.50.
How do i make the boot floppies?


Here is what I got when I tried to reply to you.

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So you have a DVD drive not a "CDROM" drive, correct?

The directory is located DVD://boot/ (here is the README file in that dir)

Creating SUSE LINUX 9.1 Boot Disks

Due to increasing kernel size, there are now three boot disks.

You can create the boot disks if you have access to a running Linux
box or a running DOS box.

Under DOS, write bootdsk1, bootdsk2 and bootdsk3 to formatted (i.e.,
error-free) 1.44MB-floppies using CD1:/dosutils/rawrite/rawrite.exe. For
Windows systems, there is CD1:/dosutils/rawwritewin/rawwritewin.exe.

With Linux, use commands like:

cd /where_CD1_is_mounted/boot

# insert first boot floppy, then run:

dd if=bootdsk1 of=/dev/fd0u1440

# insert second boot floppy, then run:

dd if=bootdsk2 of=/dev/fd0u1440

# insert third boot floppy, then run:

dd if=bootdsk3 of=/dev/fd0u1440

Now you have three boot disks. Start your computer using the first disk.

reitzell 09-22-2004 10:11 AM

so what do i do?
Put the disk in my dvd drive then go to run and type:

is that right?

Your account isn't setup to allow me to respond via email I get an error. (see above)

I'm going to go ahead and punt at this point maybe someone else can help out here.

Good luck,

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