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samtaheri 02-06-2009 07:25 AM

how do i run Centos 5.1 installation CD form a USB key
hey all,
i'm trying to figure out how to put the Centos 5.1 installation dvd(and not the live CD) into a USB key so i can run and run into rescue modes as well.
i tried fedora usb key creator which works with live cds apparently. it booted with it but it asks for the location of rescue image. i tried different folders including centos folder within the same usb key but no luck.
there is a folder named images in the dvd as well as key and the only help file says :

This directory contains image files that can be used to create media
capable of starting the CentOS installation process.

The boot.iso file is an ISO 9660 image of a bootable CD-ROM. It is useful
in cases where the CD-ROM installation method is not desired, but the
CD-ROM's boot speed would be an advantage.

To use this image file, burn the file onto CD-R (or CD-RW) media as you
normally would.

The diskboot.img file is a VFAT filesystem image that can be written to a USB pendrive or other bootable media larger than a floppy. Note that
booting via USB is dependent on your BIOS supporting this. It should
be written to the device using dd.

anyone has a better idea how to set it up and make it work ?


linuxlover.chaitanya 02-06-2009 07:29 AM

I would have tried an option where you just copy the contents of the dvd into a folder. Then use a package called Folder2Iso to create iso image from it. Then use Unetbootin to write the iso to usb. If you do it from Windows system you might just have more luck.
Every package is available for free download. Google for it.

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