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newbix 04-20-2003 12:46 PM

How do I REALLY save current setup

If I select "save current setup" before I shut down (in RH 7.3), the system remembers some things, like the Gnome calculator and whatever terminal windows I had open, but forgets a lot of other crucial things, in particular:

1) The terminals come up in the home directory, not whatever directory I was in when I logged out
2) Xemacs comes up and tries to read the last file I had open, but from my home directory as well, which means it just opens a new blank file with the same name
3) Mozilla doesn't come up at all

Is there a way to save that information as well, so that I can quickly come back up in exactly the same configuration I had when I logged out?

Many thanks in advance.

Proud 04-20-2003 01:10 PM

A better way might be to manually edit files used when X starts, I think they're .Xsession and .Xinitrc hidden in your home directory. Might not be if you dont use runlevel3 and startx to load a gui.

I'm not really sure. :(

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