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Robin01 08-29-2003 06:03 PM

how do i login as the root user
Hello everybody,

everytime the pc is booted it logs in as the user i created initially/.. from the terminal how do i login as the root user...

also.. when i installed redhat 9 i dont remember it asking me for a user name but i do remember it asking me for a root password...


Odd_Bloke 08-29-2003 06:07 PM

Don't login as root ever. Things go horribly wrong.

Type 'su -' at the console to get to the root account temporarily. But ensure you close it after you're finished, don't use it to run any programs it doesn't need to (thankfully gtk-gnutella warned me :p).

pnh73 08-29-2003 06:20 PM


Strange that you cannot recall it asking for a root password. Any way, to temporarily login as root from a terminal then you can do the following:


[user@server dir]$ su

then enter the password that you set (or think you could of set :D )

or you can do this from the terminal (not recommended as you could end up trashing your system by logging in as root, you just have too much power.


[user@server dir]$ logout
after doing this you will be presented with a login prompt.

Hope that helps

Odd_Bloke 08-29-2003 06:34 PM

Oh, sure, explain what you mean. ;) Like that'll help newbies. :rolleyes:

You can also get to a super-user file manager (at least on KDE on Red Hat 9) by going to Menu>System Tools>More System Tools>File Manager - Super User Mode. Dunno if that'll help.

pnh73 08-29-2003 06:40 PM


Originally posted by Odd_Bloke
[B]Oh, sure, explain what you mean. ;) Like that'll help newbies. :rolleyes:
I am guessing he knows how to use the terminal to some degree, and he is asking how to login into root from the terminal, so i answered his question. :rolleyes:

I dont wish to get into an argument with you or anybody else, but i will defend my position.

I merely assisted him in what he asked.

Odd_Bloke 08-29-2003 06:44 PM

I was just kidding! Thus the liberal sprinkling of smilies.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. :D

pnh73 08-29-2003 06:45 PM

Ok, no hard feelings :D

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