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yarggg 05-26-2004 10:49 AM

How do i get rid of Windows????
alright so i first had windows xp then i formated my harddrive and installed suse. after suse was done i realized that windows was still on my harddrive and so it became a dual boot. how do i get rid of windows??? thank you.

m_yates 05-26-2004 10:54 AM

The easiest thing to do is to re-install Suse and this time make sure that you select to take over the entire disk when installing. It will deleate all of your partitions, including Windows.

dopefish 05-26-2004 10:54 AM

By deleting or formatting the partition that windows is installed on

IceStorm 05-26-2004 10:56 AM

Have you tried duct tape and a hammer? hehe

Seriously, this is a good question. I'm a newbie myself with a dual boot. And in time hopefully I'll be able to make the full switch.

I would think that going into the partition manager would allow you to remove the windows partition and repartition it for linux.

DropSig 05-26-2004 06:56 PM

Personnaly id just change the filetype of the partition to ext2 and mount it.
Everything on the partition will be automaticaly deleted.

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