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marilync 09-25-2003 10:26 PM

How do I get gnome to startup

I had to reinstall RedHat 8.0 after a hardware failure and poor backups and I did something wrong and when the system comes up it's at the command line prompt. When I type in startx a *weak* KDE desktop start up with only 4 choices under the hat icon and the right mouse click has some menu items but no " launch terminal window". I can "run" launch xterm but really prefer terminal. But most of all I want all the stuff that used to be in the redhat menu. Like configure network, configure system. What can I do to get back to the way thing were when I first got this system a mere 3 months ago.

Thanks for your compassionate help. Marilyn

jailbait 09-26-2003 12:35 AM

I think that there are enough things wrong with your reinstall that I would do it over again rather than try to fix all of the problems individually. If you install again you might try choosing one of the more detailed Red Hat selection options and make sure that everything that you want is actually selected rather than relying on the Red Hat install defaults.

Capt_Caveman 09-26-2003 01:37 AM

If the damage is limited to one user, you can delete the files in the users .kde directory. Then when you restart X, it will rebuild those config files with default values automagically for you. If you whacked a whole bunch of stuff (like problems w/ all the users or system file damage) then I'd re-install as per jailbait's advice.

If you want to switch back to gnome from KDE as well, then delete the .Xclients and .Xclients-default files too.

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