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freeedom 04-04-2009 07:16 AM

how do i download bios & source code?
my asus eeepc 1000 (linux-xandros), easy mode currently has:

"bios version 0702, bios date 07/14/2008, software version"

the bios update versions are:

-0503(Update EC firmware)2008/08/27
-0602(Card reader patch that resolves intermittent system lock ups while in the USB initial stage with an SD card installed.) 2008/08/27
-0803(Update EC firmware & Changed battery charging initial temperature) 2008/08/27
-BIOS 0913 (Update EC Firmware & Modify "Boot Booster"default to [Enabled])2009/03/18

do i need to install all of the bios updates or just the newer one 0913?
how do i update bios?

also, there are 2 updates for source code:

- Version 1.6.1 (Eee PC Linux Source Code)2008/12/24
- Version 2.6.21 (Linux Kernel)2009/03/02

do i install both source code updates of just the newer one?

pleeease explain the eeeasiest way for a preeemie!

i've read so many websites and forums on this topic that they just confuse me.

AlucardZero 04-04-2009 08:41 AM

Download the latest bios update, probably from the same site you saw the list on. All changes will be included; follow the install instructions carefully. I'm not familiar with eeePC, but you shouldn't have to update the source code, as you're running binary packages, not source code.

thorkelljarl 04-04-2009 07:05 PM

Before you try, if you have never done it before...

Check to be sure you have the right BIOS.

Read the instructions very carefully.

Google for any parts of the procedure or any terminology you do not understand and for guides on how to upgrade a BIOS

Good Luck

DragonSlayer48DX 04-04-2009 07:18 PM

Reality is that you may not need to update your BIOS at all, unless you just want to. That's usually done with older computers that are having trouble with upgraded hardware. Are you having problems with your PC?

If you feel you still need to do so, check the link in my sig, "Flashing BIOS". There's a lot of outdated information still available on the subject. It's become a lot easier in just a few short years.

Cheers, and good luck.

freeedom 04-07-2009 11:03 AM

thanks for all input!

learned the following:

1. only reason to download bios is if you are having computer problems.
2. don't know what reasons (examples) are yet. ;)
3. if you absolutely need to download a bios, ONLY download the latest version. ignore all previous versions!

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