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Catgirl356 12-16-2004 03:32 PM

How do i download and install Wine on Suse?
I have Suse linux 9.2 pro, and i want to play the sims like i did with windows. This is my only reason not to switch to linux completely, so it would be great to have wine so i can use the sims on linux, But i do not know how to download it and install it. please help:Pengy:

abisko00 12-16-2004 03:39 PM

Although I do not run 9.2, I am pretty sure that wine is included in the software package. If not installed per default, simply open Yast -> Software -> Install and Remove Software, select 'Search' from the 'Filter' tab and search for wine.

Once installed, you should be able to run your sims installer with the command wine <name-of-the-installer> from command line. Or connect .exe files with wine in the file associations menu of the KDE control center (under KDE Components). Maybe this is done already by the wine-rpm, so have a try to click on the exe.

vijaybhatter 01-03-2005 03:08 AM

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