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viper770 03-09-2004 12:59 AM

How do I change the default splash screen for Red Hat 9.0?? Triple boot ques. also.
Hi, I'm new to Linux (2 months so far. .) and I was wondering if there was a way to change the default splash screen to basically any other image I choose.

Another question I have is a little more complicated. Today I attempted to triple boot Win XP Pro, Slackware 9.1, and Red Hat 9.0. The problem was that after all the installations were completed, Slackware could not be booted up from the boot menu. This is how I did it:

o Installed Win XP Pro first, then Slackware, then Red Hat.

o Made a swap file and / partition for Slackware. Used Lilo as bootloader. I dont know where it was installed, used the default, MBR maybe?

o For RedHat I used GRUB and installed it in the MBR because I want RedHat to handle the boot menu.

My first hint of a problem was when Slackware did not appear on the list of bootable partitions. Red Hat Linux appeared and DOS (which I renamed to Win XP Pro) appeared but Slackware did not, so I manually added /dev/hda3 (the / partition I had earlier created for Slackware) to the list.

After installation was complete I restarted and the RedHat boot menu appeared to my delight. Linux worked, check that off. Restarted. Choose Win XP from the menu this time, loaded up beautifully. All good so far. Restarted, attempted to load Slackware, nope wasn't happening. Missing some crap that I can't remember or something wasn't found.

My only guess would be that I would have to install Slackware's Lilo into it's own boot sector because installing RedHat's GRUB would override it at the MBR??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

bashrc2 03-09-2004 01:19 AM

1. try to find gnome-splash.png then replace it with the pic you want.. not sure if you can just chage it to any pic you want.. search google for gnome-splash screen.

2. install lilo in redhat.. here is what I did:
installed winxp, redhat(lilo on mbr and filesystem ext3), then slackware(lilo also on mbr,filesystem resierfs), used different file system so both distro wont get confused. used only 1 swap for both redhat and slack.
after installing slackware redhat was unbootable. so I mounted redhat's image to /mnt/rh9(or any dir you want) under slackware, then added an entry to lilo.conf(slackware) something like this:

#this is what I added
image=/mnt/rh9/boot/bzImage(or vmlinuz) #check it out
#ends here

run lilo.. got no errors, rebooted and got 3 os multi boot.

good luck.. hope that helps a lil.

Coldfire 03-17-2004 09:15 PM

I had this problem too (with Fedora Core). It seems Redhat doesn't bother looking for
other linux partitions, just Windows partitions. Here is another way to do this.

When you install redhat and you get to the screen where you can name your OS's (looks like a box with DOS and Redhat Linux), there is a button to the left that says something like "Add"

Click that and pick the partition that has Slackware on it. Now you can have the coolness of GRUB with the coolness of Slackware.


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