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jhachey 08-22-2003 05:19 PM

How do I change my login manager??

I just installed RedHat 9 on my system, and have been doing a bit of tinkering. Originally, I had the Gnome Login manager, and used the KDE desktop. Now, I have both the KDE desktop and KDE login manger. How do I make it so that I could use the KDE desktop with the Gnome login manger?

jailbait 08-22-2003 07:47 PM

Which login manager you use is set in the xdm script. SuSE has the xdm script at /etc/init.d/xdm. Red Hat may put it someplace different.

leonscape 08-22-2003 07:51 PM

also look for kdm/gdm scripts and replace the numbers to a lower level to start them before xdm, if your running KDE theres the program SysV-Init Editor in the System menu whre you can alter the Order and/or remove xdm and replace it with whatever you want to use.

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