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x3r01983 05-19-2010 01:11 AM

How can this work?
So i have been a linux admin for a while now. Well got a email with this attached. This company fasthealth is getting a patent for basic dns. If they do this can they sue everyone who uses this type of dns setup?

everest40 05-19-2010 01:37 AM

I'm no legal expert, but I really doubt any such patent would be enforced in court given that similar error recovery systems are undoubtedly already in use by many companies.

jscherer92 05-19-2010 02:40 PM

I agree with this. They may be getting a patent for the basic dns but it probably is not the exact same thing. Legal actions are hard to prove.


jefro 05-19-2010 08:37 PM

They have to find me to sue me. hahahhahahahaaaa

bjrn64 05-20-2010 01:30 PM

no way impossible
nice one jeffro funny
on the series side DNS is part of tcp/ip protocols and is not up for patent's if its a sub domain inside a companies domain yeh or an application that speeds up the process in architectures yeh

read chapter 11 understanding tcp/ip ( ) isbn 1-904811-71-x
maybe you have either misread or you have been misled go back and read it again if your concerned but its a crap timewaster micro soft would have been on it years ago dont worry about it tcp/ip is fundemental and there is no holes that some little company can screw us all on its locked in . good luck if you want to waste your time researching a "no brainer"
ps dont think imk being cheeky but if any of us have been helpful press the thumb not enough people do and tend to post a thanks to the thread

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