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OmegaD 02-10-2012 05:34 PM

How can I use a USB stick to back up my files... I keep getting "root"-related errors
I want to carry a USB stick with me to sync my files between multiple PC's that have LMDE Xfce on them.

I used GParted to format the entire space as ext4, primary. I then copied some files from the /home folder on my PC to the USB stick.

Now I can't even open the files unless I open the USB stick as "root", I can't copy them to my /home folder unless I also open my /home folder as root, and once they're copied, I can't access them unless I open the /home folder as root to view them. (The specific error I am getting is "You do not have the permissions necessary to open the file"

Unfortunately, I can't just start over with setting up the USB stick "correctly", because I am already in a situation where I need to restore some files from the USB stick to my PC.

First Question: How can I recover my files from my USB stick and make them accessible on my PC again without logging in as root each time I need to view or edit them?

Second Question: What is the correct way to set up a USB stick for simple transfer of files between two linux boxes?

OmegaD 02-10-2012 07:44 PM

My friend showed me what to do for the First Question...

Open USB as root
Open terminal there (as root)

chmod -R a+rw *
and hit enter


For the Second Question, it would seem ext4 wasn't really designed to work like that & one should just use ntfs.

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