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trist007 06-27-2010 03:43 PM

How can I setup a stream across a subnet using a http proxy...
Here's the scenario. Computer A has two network interfaces. One is on a subnet and has an IP of and the other is on subnet and has an IP of eth1 can communicate with modem(, which also acts as a gateway to the Internet. eth0 can communicate with my internal LAN, which consists of several computers including Computer B. This subnet has it's own gateway to the internet at However gateways will not apply to this scenario. I just added them to help paint a picture of my network.

What I am trying to do is tunnel http from a web server running on the modem( across to Computer B within my internal LAN and be able to view the http content via a browser. Sure I can just open a browser on Computer A, but I'm running Computer A headless. I can also curl it from a command line, but I'd like to learn how to tunnel across a subnet. If I get this to work, would I be able to interact with the site(i.e. make modem configuration changes)? or would it just be one way?

How do I tunnel data from the eth1 subnet over to the eth0 subnet and over to Computer B on my internal LAN?

What I tried was the following:
I setup a proxymini to run on Computer A and have it listening on the eth0 interface on port 8080 by using this command 'proxymini -l -p 8080'.

Then on computer B, I setup httptunnel -a 80 -p -d

Then I should be able to view the site through a browser on port 80 on the computer I run httptunnel? This setup isn't working.

Any ideas?

trist007 06-27-2010 03:51 PM

Just figured it out. I left the proxy running on Computer A, then just configured proxy settings in Firefox on Computer B to use that proxy and then I was able to pick up Awesome.

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