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royeo 07-25-2006 03:15 PM

How can I change the access permissions of a file or folder?
I've tried to change the access permissions on files or folders with no success. Every time I try, I get a broken glass sound and an error message. Even when I'm the owner. Even when I'm root or I'm root and root is the owner.

I right click on a file or folder and go into "Properties". Then I click on the "Permissions" tab. That brings up a dialogue box with 3 drop down lists. The lists offer the option of setting "Access Permissions" to "Forbidden, Can View Content, Can View & Modify Content" or "Can Read, Can Read & Write", for each of Owner, Group and Others.

There is some other stuff but whenever I try to make a seemingly logical choice I get that broken glass sound and error message. The error message says "error-Konqueror" and underneath that is the name of the file and under that is an OK button. But usually even though there is an error if I made only a change to the lists the "visual" change stays.

One thing I don't understand is that for setting permissions it's for Owner, Group and Others but down below under Ownership it lists who is the User and Group. How do you determine who is the owner. I know I'm missing something here.

Can somebody please help me here. Linux (Unix) is much more strict on this subject than Windows,



PS I have FC-5 ver 2.6.15, x86_64 on an AMD 64x2.

pljvaldez 07-25-2006 03:36 PM

The owner is the user who created the file. The group is generally the default group of the owner. Other is everyone else.

Try reading these links and see if they help you understand.

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