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invi$ible 11-01-2007 07:59 AM

hi from new member
hi all,
I have installed ubuntu 7.04 which was upgraded on the net few days ago to 7.10 fiesty.
I have few problems as window user for a while have no clue about linux.
I set it up as dual boot with xp.
I do play some yahoo games and i am not able to log into it as i get message that i need java 6 plagin.whn i clik to download the plug message says i already have it installed.So i am stuck at the moment.Automatic update manager shows i have installed java 6 plug.I also uninstalled gcj plugin but no going anywhere.
Any sugestions pls.
I am using firefox as browser.
if you need any additional info pls fell free to ask.
I dont think hardware is relevant in this case but here it is:
athlon 2600 ram 1 gig ati 9550 pci asus motherboard
thanks in advance for your sugestion.
You can add few coments or suggestions where i can get the best info on this site prior to posting.

mrrangerman 11-01-2007 08:20 AM

Well for a person new to linux I would recommend installing Automatix2, it will help you install all your needed codecs and java. Here is a howto Automatix2

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