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BobNutfield 01-04-2006 08:38 AM

Hi Everyone
I first tried Linux (Red Hat) in 1997. At that time, Linux was difficult for a non-programmer like me to say the least. I gave it another shot in 2003 (Red Hat 8) to find that things had improved dramatically for the novice. Each time I tried it I found myself gradually drifting back to Windows because it was just too difficult to install programs.

In December, I decided to try once again with Fedora Core 4. I immediately saw that Linux had (at least on surface) finally reached a level of usability to really compete with windows. The desktop is easy to use and much more powerful than windows. I could now do everything in Linux that I did in Windows. Only one more application for video capture and editing and I could finally dump Bill's crashware forever! I was excited!

I discovered Kino was available for the level of video work I do. This one last program was all I needed. However, my attempt at installing this software has left me with an experience which vividly reminded me of why I always drifted back to Windows.

I first tried to install via RPM only to find that the list of dependencies could fill thier own operating system. Nonetheless, I patiently tried to download each one of them only to find that all of those had missing dependencies as well. After four days of trying to solve all the dependencies, I finally got it down to one: This was supposedly contained in MPlayer, which I also finally got after resolving a dozen dependencies. Not to be beaten, I tried again to be told I still needed libavutils.

Then, I thought "to hell with RPMS, I'll install it from source. Downloaded, uncompressed, changed directories, ./configure and, guess what: it stops with the error "dirname: no. You need this function to compile Kino."

I rarely do this, but I am admitting defeat. No video capture in Linux. I will have to reboot and go back to Windows for this feature. I have numerous reasons for despising Microsoft and what it is doing to all of us. But, this experience is a good illustration of how Bill still has me by the short and curlies.

If anyone knows a sane way to install Kino, I would appreciate some help.


mjjzf 01-04-2006 08:43 AM

I would assume that Fedora Core's own package manager - YUM, is it? - should be able to fetch and install the dependencies automatically without too much hassle.
Any FC people with a pointer here? Otherwise, post your request in the FC forum

tuxrules 01-04-2006 11:00 AM

I suggest you add dag wieers repository into your collection of yum repository and then just do

yum install kino
This will fetch kino and all its dependencies. I am not sure if dvgrab will come with it but if it doesn't come then you can get that via yum as well. DVGrab is a command line utility to grab video from DV tapes in the camcorders.

the dag wieers website has all the instructions. Go to "Installation and Configuration" section.


BobNutfield 01-04-2006 11:45 AM

Thank you. As testament to how novice I am, I will have to read the instruction on how to add to the yum repository file. I hope that will work. Thank you for taking the time to help.


mjjzf 01-05-2006 08:02 AM

Consider taking a look at the FedoraFAQ.

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