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niknak 12-09-2009 06:18 PM

Help writing a Udev rule
Hi all

i need some help with writing a udev rule.


I run a ubuntu box headless. On it, I run some scripts detecting various media types inserted and then I import or export content.

I have a card reader wired to onboard USB. Normally on boot this shows up as /dev/sdb and then when a card is inserted it lists /dev/sdb1 etc.

I also insert a usb drive which shows up as /dev/sdc1 etc.

All of my scripts are fixed to those /dev points

problem: If i have a USB HDD plugged in and i reboot, the usb hdd gets pulled in first and lands at /dev/sdb then the card reader at /dev/sdc - i.e. the reverse of how all of my scripts expect them to be.

So, I need some help in writing a udev rule that would ensure that they both always get the same /dev point.

I can pull all of the ids etc no problem with sysinfo etc, just need a clear pointer as to what my udev rule should look like. I have spent some time with the man pages, just having trouble with specifics.

thanks in advance

bigrigdriver 12-09-2009 08:22 PM

How about a HOWTO called "Writing UDEV Rules":

PS: is a great help in the search for instructions, howtos, etc.

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